Voicemail PIN Reset (Self-Service)


If you have forgotten the security code (PIN) for your voice mailbox, you can follow the instructions below to reset it yourself without having to contact the Telephone Service Desk.


  • Faculty
  • Staff

Before You Begin

You will need to know the 7-digit voice mailbox number. This is generally the phone number without the (308) or (402) area code.


List the steps and include screen shots when necessary:

  1. Using your web browser go to the following website: https://voicemail.nebraska.edu/securityrequest.php
  2. On the screen that appears, enter your 7-digit voice mailbox number and check the box that says I am not a robot.
    Screenshot of Security Code Reset Request
  3. Once you click OK, the system will display the message below and send an email to the email address associated with the voice mailbox, allowing you to complete the process.
    Screenshot of confirmation example for voicemail PIN reset
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