Campus Phone Service

Zoom logoCampus telephone service is provided using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, which operates on a more robust and redundant infrastructure while offering most of the same features you are familiar with from legacy landline phones, but with quicker turnaround times for new installations and configuration changes.

Benefits & Features

Information Technology Services uses Cisco Unified Communications (UC) to leverage the best technology to provide advanced, secure communications capabilities. The backbone of Cisco UC is Voice over Internet Protocol service or VoIP. 

Cisco VoIP Unified Communications provides several features:

  • Cisco VoIP telephones with many advanced features including call history, feature buttons, a high-quality two-way speakerphone, and a phone model that includes a color display and speaker.
  • Collaboration with the other campuses will be easier as the Lincoln and Omaha campuses will be part of the corporate directory. All calls to colleagues on the Lincoln and Omaha campuses will be toll free
  • Phone calls are securely encrypted
  • Mobility features that allow incoming calls to your Cisco phone to simultaneously ring your cell phone or to hand-off in-progress calls to your cell phone
  • Jabber application for instant messaging, presence and call control capabilities of your desk phone. Jabber can be used in addition to a physical phone or optionally as a softphone in place of a physical phone
  • Self-care Portal allows users to manage some aspects of their VoIP service (secure log-in required)

Getting Started

Desk Phones

Desk phones are physical devices that sit on your desk. Desk phones support:

  • Jabber integration
  • Speaker and hands free capabilities
  • Dynamic soft keys
  • Message waiting indication
  • Headset port
  • Single number reach  

Soft Phones

Soft phones allow you to make phone calls via your computer or mobile device. Soft phones support:

  • Instant messaging and presence
  • Desktop and file sharing
  • Directory access
  • Outlook integration
  • Chat History
  • Conferencing


Campus phone service is available for departmental (faculty/staff) use. Students are not eligible for campus phone service.


The University's Cisco Unified Communications Management (CUCM) system provides modern features and devices at a reduced departmental cost. Long distance service is included with all campus phone service packages.

Campus telephone pricing varies by campus. Login to view:

Additional Information

Self Care Portal

The Self Care Portal is a website that allows you to make changes to your phones configuration remotely. Some of the things you can do are turn on / off call forwarding, update speed dials, and configure Single Number Reach.

Single Number Reach

Single Number Reach is a feature that allows you to configure your University phone and another phone to ring at the same time when ever someone calls your University phone number.


Campus phone services are available in Kearney, Lincoln, Omaha, and four Extension office locations: Ithaca/Meade, Concord, North Platte, Curtis.


For the most efficient support experience, please submit a ticket using the request form on this page. Alternatively, contact the ITS Telephone Help Desk at 402-472-3434.

Campus Phone Request

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