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YuJa logoAcademic Video is the video streaming and capturing service provided by YuJa

Benefits & Features

  • All videos created or uploaded by faculty/staff are automatically machine captioned at 90-95% accuracy. 

  • No restrictions on size of videos/files being uploaded 

  • Robust video editing capabilities and analytics

  • Other Benefits of YuJa

Getting Started


Canvas is the preferred access method for faculty and students

  • Faculty

    • YuJa is enabled in all Canvas courses. To disable YuJa in your Canvas course, go to Settings > Navigation > Disable YuJa

    • YuJa enabled is the method that provides the most robust reporting and analytics 

  • Students
    • You will not see YuJa in your Canvas course until the instructor enables it
  • Other options to login to YuJa


Students, faculty and staff are eligible for this service.


For the most efficient support experience, please submit a ticket using the request form on this page. Alternatively, contact your campus Help Center location via email, by phone, or in person.

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