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Microsoft Outlook is the official Email application for the University of Nebraska System

Access Anywhere
Automatic Updates
Unified Collaboration

Email Account types include:

  • Faculty/Staff email accounts utilize the Microsoft 365 suite with enterprise email, online document editing and storage, team collaboration, and web conferencing
  • Shared Office 365 accounts for auxiliary, shared access, room or equipment reservations.
  • Distribution Lists that allows users the ability to send to large groups of users.
  • Students are entitled to a student email account which can be used for official university communications. 

Access your e-mail account via:


Current Employees:

  • Once employees have an officially assigned University role an MS365 account will be automatically assigned. 
  • Emeritus Faculty - Lifetime email.

Former Employees:

  • Unless an employee is granted Emeritus status, IT services including email will be removed upon offboarding date.
  • Separated Faculty & Staff in nonpaid role - Account will be permanently disabled within 24 hours of separation.
  • Faculty / Staff separating & enrolled/enrolling in classes - The existing account will be disabled and a non-associated account with a new ID will be generated.
  • All Former employees are subject to their campus offboarding policy. This is being re-evaluated as it relates to the new EM16. More information on EM16 can be found here

Current Students:

  • UNK - Once students are enrolled in a class, an MS365 account is assigned to them. It may take a day or so after the enrollment for an account to be assigned. All official notifications are emailed to a students' University email account. It is important to check this account frequently.
  • UNL / UNO - Once students are admitted to the university an MS365 account is assigned to them. It may take a day or so after admission for an account to be assigned. All official notifications are emailed to a students' University email account. It is important to check this account frequently. *Students are not eligible to download Microsoft Office until they are enrolled in a class.

Past Students:

  • UNK - Access remains 2 years after the last day of enrollment
  • UNL - Access to email and other MS365 apps will end at the same time two years after your last enrolled class or graduation.
  • UNO:
    • Undergraduate Students - 2 years after last enrollment
    • Graduate Students - 4 years after last enrollment
    • Intercampus Students - UNO accounts are removed at the end of their last intercampus approved semester
    • ILUNO Students - Accounts are removed at the end of their last enrolled session
    • Alumni - 5 years after the conferral of their degree


There is no charge for this service, which is considered a common-good service. However, if your role requires you to have use of a different license than you are entitled to there may be additional costs.

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