Duo - Setting up Two Factor Authentication on a Mobile Device

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Setup Duo Mobile to enable Push authentication.


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To enroll a new mobile device please follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to TrueYou Self Service [https://trueyou.nebraska.edu].

2. Login and select Manage TrueYou Duo Two-Factor Devices.

TrueYou Self Service Home Page

3. Before you can manage your devices you must authenticate using two-factor by using one of the options below.

Duo options

4. Click Manage True You Two Factor Devices

Self Service My Account Page

Mange Your Two-Factor Device

5. Select Add a device.

Add a device

6. Ensure Duo Mobile is selected.

Select an option

7. Enter your mobile device's phone number.

Enter your phone number

8. Confirm your phone number.

Phone number confirmation

9. Select your phone type.

10. Once you've selected your phone type, download the Duo Mobile application using the App Store or Google Play Store app on your mobile device.

Download Duo Mobile

11. Once Duo mobile is installed, launch the Duo mobile app, select Add on the top-right, choose Use QR code, and scan the QR code (you may need to grant access to your devices camera). See iOS example below.

QR code scan

11a. Optionally, if cannot scan the QR code, select Email me an activation link instead.

Send an email link instead of a QR code

11b. Check your inbox for an email from Duo Security <no-reply@duosecurity.com>. Using your mobile device, click the provided link which should prompt you to open Duo mobile.

Email from Duo with activation link

12. Once successful, you should see a new entry named TrueYou in the Duo mobile app.

13. For verification, use your web browser's private or incognito option and attempt a login to a SSO protected service such as Canvas or Firefly.

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